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Have a story to tell? Get involved!

We are interested in your stories, your struggles and all the unseen conflicts you have been through. Let's start a conversation on the conflicts that go unseen and unheard. Get involved with us.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Times New Roman, Size 12

  • Single spaced, Justified aligned 

  • Minimum 800-1500 words

  • Derogatory language will not be entertained

  • All stories to be sent in Word documents/Google Docs

Content Guidelines

  • We want to hear your stories in your own words!  

  • If you want your identity to be confidential, we will publish them under ‘unsigned’. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your experiences!

  • If you are comfortable sharing your name, we would love to publish the piece with your picture as well! It is highly recommended to email us your picture along with your piece

  • Remuneration of any kind is not offered

  • The final decision to publish lies with the editorial team

Special Mention!

If you belong to any of these communities :

  • Migrants

  • Refugees


  • Communities affected by armed conflicts

  • Belong to the specially-abled community 

  • Women’s rights activists

  • Disability rights activist

  • Peacebuilder

  • Working in the social sector


We strongly encourage you to submit your stories! 

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