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At Unseen Conflicts we aim to provide a platform to document the stories and struggles of people at the intersection of gender and conflicts. The conflicts that remain hidden from the world but still shape the daily path of our lives. We believe that by sharing our stories, defining the meaning of conflicts in our personal lives and in the society we live in, we can not only inspire and motivate others but also start a meaningful conversation to carve a path towards peace.
We aim to also build a dialogue to develop an understanding of conflicts and peace from a gendered lens. What are the conflicts faced by people struggling in locating their gender in their identity? What would peace mean to them?
We also encourage you to share your experiences with us and bring to light the gender-related issues that exist in our society that often go unseen and unheard. Join us in shedding light to these unseen conflicts we face every day. 

Meet the Team

Akasha Usmani is a postgraduate student of Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding from Jamia Millia Islamia. She is currently employed as a research associate at a research center called Global Order, where she focuses her efforts on addressing pressing issues related to foreign policy, climate change, women's rights, and other matters of international affairs. Akasha is also a dedicated research fellow at The New Global Order, an international not-for-profit think tank,  where she dedicates her time to writing insightful articles on issues pertaining to disarmament. 


She has held several other roles in the field of conflict resolution and international relations. As a former peace protagonist at Youth for Peace International, she played an instrumental role in analyzing and conceptualizing the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250 framework in India. She also served as a research coordinator at The Global Outlook, where she authored numerous articles and overviews that delved deep into recent developments in areas such as international affairs, geopolitics, and global diplomacy. 

Aayushi is a post-graduate of Conflict Analysis and Peace Building from the Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia. Her focus areas have been arms control and disarmament along with understanding the interactions of gender, conflict and peace. She is also keen on working towards an intersection of gender and international security. 

Aayushi has been a Research Fellow at the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS). Currently, she is working as a Programme Associate at the Middle East Treaty Organisation, heading the Humanitarian Initiative to understand the humanitarian consequences of the usage of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in the Middle East. She is also a Research Associate with Global Order, researching comprehensively to understand international geopolitics from an Indian vantage point.

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