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"the heat will continue to increase, and we will have to live with it..'

This is the third story in our series "Climate on the Streets," focusing on Salman's journey as he navigates the challenges of heatwaves while selling fruits outdoors in Delhi.

Mera naam Salman hai. Mai UP ka rehne wala hoon, Delhi mai mujhe 10 saal hogaye hai, yahan pe mai fruits bechta hoon. Ussey pehle mai tent decoration mai kaam karta tha. 

Abhi kuch saal se aisa hai ke zada badh gayi hai. Mujhe kabhi kabhi bahar 12 ya 15 ghantey ho jaate hain, subah 8 baaje nikalta hoon aur chaya ke neeche apni dukaan lagata hoon. Ab yahi kaam hai ke iss garmi mai bahar kaam toh karna padta hai humein 

Bahut halat kharab hojati hai.Meri tabiyaat pe bhi kayi baar asar pada hai. Mera sar dukhta hai, kabhi kabhi bukhar aajata hai. 

Insaan iss garmi ke liye kuch nahi kar sakta. Bas issey bach sakte hai hum log, paani piyo, chaey mai khade raho. Aur kuch nahi ho sakta, garmi toh badhti rahegi ab uske saath rehna padega. 

My name is Salman. I am from UP (Uttar Pradesh). I have been in Delhi for 10 years now, and I sell fruits here. Before this, I used to work in tent decoration.

For the past few years, it has been very hot. Sometimes I have to be outside for 12 to 15 hours. I leave at 8 in the morning and set up my shop under a shade. This is my work now, and in this heat, we have to work outside.

The situation gets very bad. My health has been affected many times. I get headaches, and sometimes I get a fever.

There is nothing a person can do about this heat. We can only try to protect ourselves by drinking water and standing in the shade. There is nothing else that can be done; the heat will continue to increase, and we will have to live with it.

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