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Do you see?

There it lies.

There lies my being.

It lies there, on the ground.

Do you see?

Do you hear them stomping over me?

I see it too, I cannot feel a thing.

They hold me in their hands,

Only to crush me in their fists

And I stand here, watching.

Watching them turn me,

Mould me

Dress me

Undress me

Touch me

Un-touch me

As they please.

I watch them, and I cannot feel a thing.

They put me in a cage

They’ll worship me they say

Do they love me though? I ask.

I am powerful, I’m told.

They tell me I’m powerful

As they clutch me by my wrist

They tell me I can rise above,

They bury my feet down below

They say they make the rules,

The rules of this game.

I stand here, watching myself be played for their shame

Do you see me playing along?

And I wait here.

Watching myself, playing along.

I will wait here

Until I turn the tide.

Until I break the mould.

Because I am powerful, I’m told.


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